Whether it is an online or offline business, there must be several things that need to be considered throughout the process. Such as customer service, products, even strategy. If in any case you are overwhelmed to handle all the stores you have, plus the related matters of doing business, Ginee Omnichannel is here to solve those problems!

What Is Ginee Omnichannel?

Ginee Indonesia is a regional third-party Omnichannel that serves merchants all over Indonesia and Southeast Asia to manage their online stores that are registered in marketplaces. Ginee has integrated into the top e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, Bukalapak, Tokopedia, Shopify, JD.ID, and Blibli. 

Thus, Ginee is suitable for you who have opened more than one store in e-commerce platforms and intend to have a single platform to help manage all the process. Instead of opening the marketplace one by one, operating your online business from Ginee’s dashboard is all it takes.

What Features Does Ginee Have to Increase Sales?

Ginee has sophisticated features with digital system management that are able to simplify the  needs in doing online business. Check these out!

Copy-Paste Products and Stores

To break it down, if you have various online stores, you can easily copy-paste the products or store information one to another. Imagine if you did not use Ginee, you would probably ask extra workers to upload products or handle the other stores, one by one.

That will not be happening in Ginee! This feature will not only help you copy-paste products or store information to similar marketplace, but also to different ones. All at once in a single dashboard!

Product Management and Stock Management

Do not have to upload products to each marketplace manually! Use Ginee instead to upload mass products. Just choose the products and marketplace stores you want to post on, and there you go! As simple as that.

If you have no free time to manually update stocks in each of your stores, the customers may give you bad reviews. Because, they might have ordered something, but in fact, that product is empty, and you forgot to update them. So…

In order to prevent that, you will need a stock management feature from Ginee! Ginee will automatically update the stocks. Additionally, you will be alarmed if in any case there are products about to run out.

Order Management

Take an example of Independence Day. Usually, people tend to shop more in a moment like that because there will be discounts and flash sales everywhere. But, what if you are unable to handle all the orders in different stores and marketplaces? Oh-oh!

With Ginee’s order management feature, you can organize every order as fast as possible. Starting from receiving orders, packaging, delivering, printing mass labels, and lastly until the product is safely received by your customer. You can track that process through Ginee’s dashboard!

Promotion Management

Applying promotions to strengthen your marketing strategy? Ginee can do that! You can apply all kinds of promotions to each of your products or online stores. Before using Ginee, perhaps you would open every store you have and add the discount to different products. But, with Ginee, no need to waste time!

Analytics and Reporting

Having the ability to analyze business is one of the important aspects in doing business. If you have several online stores in different e-commerce platforms, do not forget to keep tracking all of them with analytics. Ginee provides you the feature of analytics and reporting, so, you can easily analyze your business only through one platform.

Plus, you can download all the data categories you wish to see in a single file. This will actually help increase your sales. It is because by analyzing your business progress, you can easily decide the next step to upgrade everything, such as adding or decreasing products, and choosing the best marketing strategy ahead.

Ginee Chat

Serving the customer is number one priority. Always be responsive and nice by replying fast, giving useful information, and promotion. Customers are kings and queens. One thing that determines how successful your business will be is the communication you have with your customers.

With Ginee Chat, you can see and reply to chats from every store in one or different marketplaces. Save more time and keep good communication with the customers by being a fast-response seller!

Ginee Fulfillment

Products that are kept in the warehouse should always be safe. That is why Ginee presents a useful feature called Ginee Fulfillment. It will help you maintain the quality of the products that are stored in the warehouse before being delivered to your customers.

The process includes quality checking on all the products that are going to be delivered, packaging, and making sure the customers get their products quickly yet safely. In case you receive trouble while tracking your products with this feature, you will be prioritized. So, do not worry!

Ask Ginee for Further Info!

Still have questions regarding Ginee features? Do not hesitate to ask right away, Ginee will provide you with the best answers, guys!

Enjoy Each Features For Fee!

Ginee offers you a 7-day full free trial! If you are interested in partnering up with Ginee, start now and use all Ginee features for increasing sales! You can expand your online business by letting Ginee Omnichannel help you manage your stores in marketplaces!