Accurate Integration Process

It needs 3 steps to finish Accurate authorization


1.Go to [Add Integration] from Integration Tab, then find and click [Accounting Configuration – Accurate].

2. Learn the operation guide, then click confirm authorization. You’ll jump into Accurate authorization page and you need to do the Accurate login phase

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3. Choose the database that you want to integrate, because this integration currently supports only 1 Database. Click Confirm Authorization.

4. After Authorization Success, please proceed to the financial initialization mapping settings. Click Set Now to jump into the settings and proceed to the Accurate Set Up.

5. On [Integration] – [Store List] you can check the authorized Accurate system’s information

Accurate Configuration Management

How to do the Mapping Process?

1. After authorizing Accurate, finish the basic set-up in the [Configuration Management], it’s required at least finish 1 warehouse and 1 store mapping to use Accurate

2. After entering the mapping page, please finish the Warehouse Mapping first since it must be filled. On the left side are the warehouses inside the Ginee system, and on the right side are the warehouses inside Accurate. You can add more warehouses to map

Note: Only the products and stocks in the successfully mapped warehouse can be synced to Accurate!

3. Next, it’s required to do the store mapping process. On the left side are the stores inside the Ginee system, on the right side are the COA, Branch and Customers inside Accurate. You need to map Ginee stores with this information. You can add more stores to be mapped.

Note: Sales Invoices will only be created and synced for completed orders of stores that are successfully mapped!

4. Third, complete other settings and mapping (Optional):

4.1)Starting Stock: When both Ginee and Accurate have the same SKU number, the stock will be based on Ginee’s warehouse stock, and Ginee will automatically overwrite Accurate’s stock qty of the SKU

4.2)Stock Sync Rules: Sync Ginee stock to Accurate is enabled by default

4.3)Auto Create Sales Invoice rules: By default, the Sales Invoice will only be created and pushed for new completed orders generated after the store is successfully mapped, and it’s also supported to create and push the Sales Invoice for the completed orders of the current month.

4.4)Other Mapping: Support mapping part of the amount field in the order with Accurate’s COA

5. After all configurations are completed, click Save, the mapping relationship will take effect, and the page will automatically close.

How to enter the Configuration Management page?

a. After authorizing it, it will jump into the [Configuration Management] Page

b. Go to [Settings], click [Accounting] to enter the [Configuration Management] page

c. Enter [Integration] – [Store List], go to the [Accounting] part and click [Configuration Management]

d. Enter [Accurate] – [Product Management], click [Configuration Management]


Accurate Product Management

1. On the left menu, choose [Accurate] – [Product Management], you can view all MSKUs under the Ginee warehouse that has already mapped with the Accurate warehouse, and click the Mapping Status to see the differences. If the user has mapped multiple Ginee warehouses with Accurate warehouses, the page can switch to display the MSKU mapping information of different warehouses.

  • Mapped: It means that the MSKU in the Ginee warehouse also exist in the Accurate warehouse and has been mapped with the SKU in the Accurate warehouse;
  • Not Mapped: It means that the MSKU in the Ginee warehouse hasn’t been pushed to be mapped with the SKU in the Accurate warehouse. The SKU may not exist in the Accurate warehouse. It’s necessary to trigger the mapping to know whether the SKU exists;
  • Map Failed: It means that the MSKU information in the Ginee warehouse doesn’t meet the requirements of Accurate, and the creation or mapping failed. The merchant needs to check the reason for the failure and modify it before re-mapping;
  • Mapping: It means that the MSKU in the Ginee warehouse is being pushed and mapped, and merchants can check the mapping results through the push records later;

2. Create a master product in Ginee and add it to the Ginee warehouse. If the Ginee warehouse has already mapped with the Accurate warehouse, you need to ensure that the newly added MSKU meets the requirements of Accurate to be added into the warehouse, otherwise adding to the warehouse and inbound will fail.

3. For unmapped or faile-mapped products, manual trigger push & map MSKU is supported. After clicking, Ginee will push the corresponding MSKU to Accurate for mapping.

If the product doesn’t exist in Accurate, Ginee will create an SKU in Accurate, and use Ginee’s warehouse stock and cost price as the initial stock and cost price of Accurate SKU.

If the product already exists in Accurate, Ginee will map it with Accurate’s product, and at the same time, it will trigger a stock push to overwrite Ginee’s warehouse stock to Accurate’s warehouse stock to ensure that the mapped stock is consistent.

Note: Accurate’s SKU isn’t case-sensitive, but Ginee’s MSKU is case-sensitive. When managing a warehouse that has already been mapped with Accurate, please ensure that there aren’t any MSKUs with the same letter but different capitalizations in the warehouse, otherwise, it may cause stock push confusion.

4. Ginee provides an auto push & map feature, and users can enable auto mapping. After activating, it will automatically push and map the existing MSKU in the warehouse. If a new MSKU is added to the Ginee warehouse, it will also be automatically pushed and mapped.

5. The mapped MSKU supports syncing the Ginee warehouse stock to the Accurate warehouse. When the MSKU is outbound or inbound by Ginee, after the Ginee warehouse stock changes, the changed qty will be pushed to Accurate, and the Accurate warehouse stock will also be updated. increase or decrease accordingly.

6. Users can view the historical push results through the [Product Push Record] page.

Accurate Sales Invoice

  1. On the left side, click [Accurate] – [Sales Invoice], you can view the sales invoice creation and push records under the stores that have been mapped with Accurate. If the user has mapped multiple Ginee stores with Accurate, the sales invoice information corresponding to the specified store can be filtered on this page.
  • Pushed: Show the sales invoice that has been pushed successfully. Only the completed orders of the store will generate sales invoices and push them to the Accurate.
  • Waiting to push: Display the sales invoice to be pushed, and Ginee will automatically create sales invoices for yesterday’s completed orders every day and automatically push them to Accurate.
  • Push Failed: Show sales invoices that failed to be pushed.

2. Merchants can view the historical push records of sales invoices through [Accurate]-[Sales Invoice Push Records].